Money Saving Tips for Students

It is impossible to survive everyday without spending. Unfortunately, there are often expenses that are completely unavoidable, but there are also “extra” expenses that arise, for example, buying coffee on the way to college is simply a habit.

Thinking and writing down a month each time you are paid for something can give you an idea of ​​how much money is being spent per month. If it seems too much, then maybe it’s time to think about saving money. Even if it seems impossible, there are always costs that can be limited – you just have to change your habits.

In order to save money at all for students and others

In order to save money at all for students and others

It is first necessary to have a purpose for which to save money. Setting a goal, such as traveling abroad after a session or buying a computer to write a course paper, can be a great motivator. The key is to understand your priorities and desires, otherwise saving money can become a very distressing process that gives no satisfaction. Once the goal is selected, you also need to figure out how long it takes to raise the money you need.

However, it must be taken into account that the collection period cannot be given too short or too long. You also have to take into account your income and whether it is realistic to save 300 EUR per month if your income is only 500 EUR. There is no need to keep yourself to a minimum, to starve, and to not entertain at all, as the amount of money you have accumulated may not bring you such enjoyment, and the money-saving process will become a hateful activity. Money has to be saved, and today is not just for the future.

Saving money definitely requires the introduction of home accounting

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It will help control the amount and amount of expenditure; it will be possible to see where the money is being spent the most, and thus to draw conclusions as to whether this expenditure can be reduced in any way. Home accounting allows you to keep your student finances in order.

In addition, when making such accounting notes, it is definitely necessary to record income and not just expenses. Students are eligible for scholarships and some are working students – in any case, both salary and scholarships, or a monthly review from parents, must be recorded. By looking at the amount of income at the beginning of the month, you can immediately calculate the amount of outstanding payments.

For example, dormitories or apartments, utility bills, telephone bills

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If possible, these payments should be paid immediately rather than waiting until the last minute – when you postpone payments, you may also forget them, which may put the student in a situation where you also have to pay penalty interest for late payment.

After calculating how much money will be spent on mandatory payments, you can see the amount of money left over. It is to be reckoned that the remaining money must also be purchased for food and other unavoidable things in order to survive and not die of starvation.

Shopping is one way to save money

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First of all, the most important thing is not to go to the store with a feeling of hunger. A hungry person will buy a lot more in the store, including products that are not needed at all, but simply tempting. It is best to make a list of the essential items you need in advance.

When you go shopping, you should visit the stores where the student has the discount cards – though perhaps a little, they will still save some money. It is also worth paying attention to discounted goods when shopping. But do not fall to the other extreme – you have to evaluate every single commodity, as a discount will not always save you money.

For example, when buying foods with a limited shelf life, you need to consider whether you really need to buy 5 yoghurts just because the total price then drops by a few cents. If the goods are about to expire and half of the yogurts are not even eaten and damaged, then there will be no money savings. However, there are many commodities that are best bought in bulk, but they must be indefinite, such as toilet paper. It will always be needed, and will not deteriorate over time, and is always cheaper in large packages.

Another way for students to save money is to take home lunch

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Usually a lot of money is spent eating in cafes or bistros. It is possible to save money in the process of saving money if the student prepares sandwiches or something else before going to lectures. Eating at home, first and foremost, means that the food will be delicious and will not add anything that does not taste good to the person; second, it is much more profitable.

Often, students wait for lectures or lecturers to buy drinks at coffee machines. But overall, it turns out that such coffee machines leave a lot of money. Therefore, it is more profitable to buy a thermos or thermos mug once, which is a long-term investment and will not only be useful during your studies, hot.

In fact, shopping is an area where you can save a lot of money if you want to. Another way to save money is to shop online, where you can buy clothing, electrical and other things, much cheaper. For example, students often like to buy second-hand goods, such as used computers or other goods. Online stores offer a wide variety, and it is not exactly a good fortune to shop – items can be viewed and tested to see if the item you are looking for is really working.

Money can be saved at the expense of books

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It is known that students have to read a lot of books during the study process, as well as those who cannot fall asleep unless at least a few pages are read in the evening. Books are very expensive nowadays, and often these books are read once and then remain on the shelf for years without being touched. This can save you money by taking advantage of the library. In addition, libraries now have a very wide selection of books, and you can read recent books that have recently been published.

Saving money is not such an unpleasant process – it opens up new opportunities, forcing people to try to find different ways to get what they want. But most importantly, when money is saved, and in pleasant conditions, there is a huge sense of satisfaction. The realization that a computer or phone has been bought for its own money is indescribable and worth every student.