Loan calculator

Loan calculator allows you to borrow fast loans online without pledge faster and more conveniently. All you have to do is choose the amount of money, the repayment term and click on the “Get a loan” calculator. A high-quality loan calculator will also show you the credit commission, the repayment amount and all the other important things.

Click on “Get a loan”, choose the lender that suits you best and apply for a loan. You will arrive at the lender’s website where you can borrow a quick loan at a more affordable rate. If you are not satisfied with the loan calculator of your chosen lender, then choose another lender.

How to Apply for a Quick Credit


Only registered users can apply for a fast credit online. If you do not register, you will not be granted an instant credit on the Internet. You only need to sign up with one lender once to get instant credit online. Choose a lender here, sign up, confirm registration, choose the amount of money and repayment term. It is so easy to apply for a mortgage loan over the internet.

Why borrow fast credit online:


  • The first borrowing borrows as much as you can;
  • Money transfer within ~ 15 minutes;
  • Free service.

A bit about getting a loan. When making a quick loan, you must be a working Latvian citizen with a sufficient official monthly income. You must have a positive credit history in order for the quick credit to run smoothly, without any hassle, and without being rejected by the potential creditor. Your age group matters. fast credit companies offer credit facilities to people over the age of 70 and under, but this age range will be different for each credit company and should be taken into consideration.

Latvian legislation provides for quick loans from the age of 18, but some creditors practice crediting for young people aged 21 or over, based on the fact that at age 18, young people are not in school and do not have regular income at school. because they are directly dependent on their parents. The age cut is also different for each credit company. Some credit companies provide instant loans up to the age of 70 because pensioners also have regular incomes, while other lenders only issue quick loans until the age of 65. If you meet these basic preferences of a quick loan company, the next step would be to carefully analyze the benefits of a quick loan for each creditor.

How to Repay a Quick Credit


There are several easy ways to repay your quick loan. Many lenders offer to defer repayment of principal. If you have a problem returning your money, this service may be the only salvage that you have not damaged your credit history. The “deferred loan repayment” service allows you to extend the loan repayment term for a selected period of time. The credit extension must be done before the due date of the loan. If you have no problem returning the money, then repay the entire loan at once. You can repay your credit at: Internet Bank, Bank, Latvijas Pasts, Narvesen or Plus Punkts kiosk. Accurate information is available on every lender’s website, because not all lenders offer as many options to repay a loan.

First credit free

If the first loan is free of charge, the loan calculator will show a credit fee of USD 0.00. First loan free – The first loan borrows as much as you can. The first loan is offered free of charge by many Latvian lenders, but some lenders offer the first time to borrow more than borrowing repeatedly. Getting a first loan free of charge is a very good option if you want to borrow fast credit on the internet at a cheaper rate.



The fee is USD 0.01 (one cent) to be transferred from your bank account to the lender’s bank account. All Latvian lenders have such a requirement. This allows you to identify the customer’s bank account to which to transfer the credit. If you have already registered and identified a bank account, you do not need to identify the bank account anymore. Log in to your user profile and choose the amount of money and repayment term in the credit calculator. Account identification must be done from the bank account that was specified at the time of registration.

Borrow wisely using a modern and easy-to-use loan calculator!